Learning German

The learning comic shows the English version on the left and the German version on the right. The daughter of a high-ranking politician has been missing for weeks. It is reasonable to assume that she was the victim of an act of violence. The smart CIA Agent Jack is tasked with investigating the case under the strictest confidentiality requirements. Because the circumstances of the disappearance of the young woman is very delicate. She was last seen at the port, which is known for its red light milieu. Apparently she had offered to be a prostitute there the day she disappeared. Local residents watched a suspect who disappeared at exactly the same time as the young woman. Jack faces a difficult task, with no body, crime scene or other evidence. He is under a lot of pressure from politicians, who want to have this case resolved confidentially. Draftsman and author James Hardman implemented the story with impressive, exciting and multifaceted images. 224 pages in black and white. www.jameshardmancomics.com
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Foto: York Patrick / yorkpatrick.com